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Innovative surgery leaves retired soldier pain free, no need for pain pills

KILLEEN, TX (KXXV) - Scars on retired soldier Bobby Krei will tell you about a single moment that changed his life.

"June of 2006, I was blown up in an I.E.D. (improvised explosive device) explosion in Iraq," he said.

Chronic pain would plague him for seven years.

"It was so bad that my daughter on Saturday afternoon would say, ‘Daddy you're done. I'll go get the ice packs.'"

One day he admitted his constant pain to this physician.

Eventually, he was sent to Dr. Pankaj Mehta who offered him the procedure that would leave him pain free, Spinal Cord Stimulation.

"You intercept pain signals by sending electric impulses. These electric impulses block a gate to the pain signal," said Dr. Mehta.

In other words, pain signals are blocked to the brain.  A small device is implanted in the patient's lower back, and the patient can control the device with a remote control.

"Now I have my computer in my spine that basically feels like my leg is getting massaged all the time.  So, the pain is gone.  I am doing things I couldn't do with my eight-year-old daughter before," said Krei.

For the first time, he and Loryn went to the circus.

"My daddy was there and I liked it, and now my daddy can walk around with me and do more," said Lauren.

Dr. Mehta says others can also live a life without pain and pain medications.

"Medications can have serious side effects on your mind, body and heart, lungs, liver.  And it can worsen your PTSD if you have any. They key is to identify chronic pain very early on," said Dr. Mehta.

Krie admits, asking for the help can be the hardest part.

"We just drive on, because that's what we do. We're soldiers, but there is help out there and it changes things when you're not in pain."

Krie was treated at the Pain Specialists of Austin clinic in Killeen.

For more information and other locations visit their website here and feel free to contact them at 512-485-7200.
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