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Local city to propose new water conservation program


As lawmakers debate what to do about the state's water shortage, one local city is doing its part to save water by taking a new approach.

The city of Hewitt wants to implement an incentive program to encourage residents to save water. Hewitt is following in the footsteps of larger cities like Austin and Dallas. If this program is approved, it would be the first city in central Texas to offer such a program.

Hewitt City Manager Adam Miles will propose the Water Conservation Micro- Grant Plan at Monday's city council meeting.

The micro-grant would have a $6,000 budget to give residents as much as $50 credited to their water bills, for switching out old shower-heads, dishwashers and washing machines for more efficient ones.

"We're concerned here with what we are doing as a community, as Hewitt Texas, doing the right thing in the whole big picture to conserve water," says Miles. "We are concerned about the growth our community will have and are we going to have water available for future generations."

The incentive program would also include incentives to encourage residents to improve yards.

"If you're going to invest some money in your yard, if you're looking to replace some plants why don't you replace them with some things that don't require as much water. And some people when they're selecting their plant species they'll think about it a little bit, does it require a lot of water to maintain," says Miles.  

By switching to more eco-friendly appliances, residents could potentially save money on their utility bill, especially during the summer months.

Miles says the goal of this program is less about saving residents money and more about raising awareness on the importance of conserving water.

If the plan is approved, it would begin Oct. 1.

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