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Local Pro-Life Organization to boycott Girl Scout cookies


One local pro-life organization is fed up with the Girl Scouts of America, and is deciding to take action. They figure the best way to send a message is by encouraging Central Texans to participate in their boycott of Girl Scout cookies.

Pro-Life Waco claims the Girl Scouts of America has had a controversial past of attaching themselves to a liberal agenda. They say a recent retweet by the Girl Scouts to an article that listed influential women, such as notable pro-choice advocate and Texas Senator Wendy Davis, has caused them to finally take action.

"They are not the Girl Scouts of decades ago, and it has become a left leaning organization," Pro-Life Waco Director John Pisciotta said.

But the Girl Scouts of Central Texas say that is not true.

"They are claiming things that are simply not true. They are claiming that we have a relationship with individuals which we cannot have a relationship with," Girl Scouts of Central Texas Spokeswoman Lolis Garcia-Baab said.

This isn't the first time Pro-Life Waco has boycotted the famous cookies. It did so in 2004.

This year they plan to spread the news of their boycott through radio ads, passing out flyers and creating a website. The organization insists they don't mean to attack the girls or their cookie sales,  but to them this is about a greater issue.

"Well stop being this kind of an organization. Stop aligning yourself with organizations and individuals who are noted for their support of abortion," Pisciotta said.

The Girl Scouts of Central Texas strongly disagree with Pro-Life Waco's claims, and say they have done no wrong. They only hope Pro-Life Waco's boycott doesn't result in something unfortunate.

"We feel badly because we don't want our volunteers or our girls to be approached by individuals that have this misinformation," Garcia Baab said. "We don't have any connection with Planned Parenthood, with Wendy Davis, with Planned Parenthood curriculum. All of these allegations that they make."

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