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Red-light traffic camera scandal hits Texas

KILLEEN, TX (KXXV) - A red-light traffic corruption scandal ignited in Chicago, but may have made its way down south.

Officials from RedFlex, a red light camera system, were accused of passing bribes in Chicago.

Now, a fired executive from the company says bribes were made in thirteen states including Texas, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Redflex is suing the fired employee for claiming they bribed cities with lavish gifts.

News Channel 25 learned Killeen has a contract with RedFlex.

Killeen has been with RedFlex for seven years, and like many cities across the country that use RedFlex, Killeen is just hearing about these allegations.

We asked Killeen about their relationship with RedFlex and they responded in a press release, "The city of Killeen has had a working relationship with RedFlex since 2007 and has experienced no improprieties."

Current members on the city council were not present when the contract was made.

It is unknown if they plan to renew the contract.

There are four RedFlex traffic cameras in Killeen: Stan Schlueter and Highway 190, Trimmier and Highway190, Lowes Blvd and Trimmier and W.S. Young and Highway 190.

A red light traffic camera violation is worth $75.   Approximately 25% of the fine goes to the city.  That money is used to fund public safety initiatives, according to the city.

The rest is distributed among administrative fees and RedFlex Traffic Systems.
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