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Killeen veteran kicked out of home because of identity theft


It's a story that's becoming all too familiar.

An 80-year-old army veteran was evicted from his home Wednesday, because someone stole his identity, ultimately stealing his retirement checks.

Ramirez hasn't been able to pay his rent on a consistent basis since June 2013.

"Somebody, I don't know who, they don't know who... unless they found out lately, got my information from somewhere," explains Mr. Ramirez. "Changed my address to Fort Worth, and I've never been to Fort Worth." 

That was just the first time. The second time his information was changed to say he lived in Decatur, Texas. The third time it was changed to Brooklyn, New York.The most recent, as of January 2014, he allegedly lives in California.

Ramirez says he has been in contact with Defense Finance and Accounting Services, but the process hasn't been easy. As of right now, DFAS owes him almost $5,000.

"I've been working with DFAS and they tell me they can't do anything until they get the checks back from those banks."

On Wednesday morning, Ramirez was evicted from the house he called home for 15 years. 

"What basically happened was at 9 o'clock, the sheriffs showed up and threw him out the house," explains a non-profit veteran's affairs organization.

They asked to remain anonymous because of their relationship with DFAS.

"They acknowledged it's going to the wrong place, they even provided the property management company with a letter of what's been going on." 

The organization says they offered to pay a portion of the past due rent until they could come up with the rest, but the homeowner declined the offer.

"I believe the property owner was stressed out himself financially, that's why he didn't want to work with him anymore." 

The homeowner was not at the home while Ramirez was being evicted, but property managers said they would take care of Ramirez's housing.

Ramirez is also working with other veteran's affairs organizations to get back on his feet.

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