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Facebook post prompts Falls County Animal Neglect Investigation


Multiple reports of starving horses in Falls County have prompted a series of animal neglect investigations by multiple agencies.

Saturday someone posted a picture of a malnourished and emaciated looking horse on their Facebook claiming there were more than 40 starving horses on a falls county property. The post gained a lot of attention and comments and led to an investigation.

The falls county sheriff's office, the Houston SPCA and another local authority are all investigating the case and reporting conflicting information.

The sheriff's office says they're investigating the case, saying there were only 18 horses on the property which and were all checked out by a veterinarian who determined only six were actually malnourished. The vet then prescribed a course of treatment to get those horses healthy.

They claim they're working with the vet and the owner and of the horses to get those six back to health.

While many of the remaining horses did have several health related issues, the sheriff's office says they weren't caused by abuse or neglect. But Saturday the owner moved all of the horses to an undisclosed location leading many people to wonder why.

The Houston SPCA say they're investigating the case as well and working with a local authority after someone filed an animal cruelty report. But they say, they haven't been able to determine who those horses belong to, how they're doing, or where they were taken.

New channel 25 will continue to keep up with the ongoing investigations and will bring you the latest information as it becomes available.  

Click here for the release from Falls County.

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