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Marlin business owner turns the tables on armed robber


Police are investigating an attempted robbery-turned-shootout at a Marlin used car lot Friday morning.

According to Marlin police, the attempted robbery occurred at Mitchell's Falls County Cars about 7:15 a.m. Friday morning. The business is located on Williams Street, near the courthouse in Marlin.

The owner of the used car dealership, Jimmy Mitchell, says the suspect walked into his business and demanded a specific bag of money. Mitchell says this isn't first time the suspect tried to steal from him, so he tried to calm the thief down.

"I called him by name, who I recognized him to be. And told him 'This was b.s., don't be doing this. I tried to talk him down,'" Mitchell said.

He then fired two shots at the owner, but missed with both shots. Mitchell yelled back at the suspect before agreeing to his demands.

"[He] walks up to my desk, holds up a gun right between my eyes and says 'gimme the money bag.' I said 'No I changed my mind. Just go ahead and kill me. Just kill me. I am not going to give you the money bag,'" Mitchell said.

The suspect got angry and called for one of Mitchell's friends to help him out. That's when Mitchell decided to make his move.

"He made a grave mistake...he turned his back on me. That ole' 45 come out," Mitchell said.

Mitchell then grabbed a gun from his office and chased the man off his car lot. He fired four shots at the suspect, as he fled into a nearby neighborhood.

Mitchell says he called the suspect's bluff because he knew nothing would happen.

"I think he was a whole lot more nervous than I was...but he didn't hit me," Mitchell said.

Law enforcement immediately responded to the scene, and Mitchell says he has every reason to believe that the suspect will be back behind bars.

"I have total confidence in the prosecution and law enforcement there in Falls County that I was a member of for a very long time. This gentleman has what is coming to him," Mitchell said.

No one was injured during the incident.

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