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US Marshal Service credited for saving deputy's life

WACO, TX (KXXV) - The McLennan County Sheriff's Office is crediting a US Marshal for saving the life of Lieutenant Johnny Spillman, who was wounded in a shootout on Wednesday Afternoon.

Now, the sheriff's office wants to enhance first-aid training for their deputies. Lt. Spillman received Emergency treating right at the scene of the shooting. The US Marshal Service was one of the many agencies who responded to the officer shooting, and many of them are medically trained incase deadly forces are used.

Wednesday's shooting was an example of this when Lt. Spillman was shot in the upper leg next to a main artery. The response from the US Marshal Service prevented Lt. Spillman from having any further complications.

"They quickly assessed his wounds and applied two tourniquets to stop bleeding, and we believe it was a major component in stopping the blood loss and keeping Lt. Spillman from going into shock and doing a good job in saving his life," Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon said.

The sheriff's office will be taking a look at the possibility of training their deputies on tourniquets.

Cawthon said under Parnell McNamara's administration, the agency is asking their deputies to do more such as serve more arrest warrants and try to reduce the backlog of felony arrest warrants in McLennan County.

"This will increase the chances of encountering an active shooter," Cawthon said. "It's important that deputies are trained and have the ability to provide emergency aid."

The sheriff's office will be taking a look at their budget to make this happen.

"It takes an incident like the one yesterday to help determine where the department may fall short," said Cawthon. "If they don't take notice from every incident, then we're not doing our jobs."
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