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Dashcam video of Grisham arrest released


The Temple Police Department released its dashcam video of the arrest of C.J. Grisham Thursday, and it provides more insight into what happened last March that led to two high profile trials - one of them a misdemeanor case.  

Grisham and his 15-year old son said they were on a 10 mile hike for the Boy Scouts when officer Steve Ermis stopped them in a rural area.

"What are you doing," Ermis asked Grisham?

"Hiking," he replied.

"You're hiking?  Some reason why you have this?" the officer said, pointing at Grisham's rifle.

"Cause I can," Grisham smugly answered.

Moments later Ermis and Grisham both grabbed the rifle and the officer then drew his weapon and a brief altercation started.

"Hey, don't disarm me, man," the Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran stated, raising his voice.

Ermis got the rifle, then handcuffed Grisham, who disclosed he also had a handgun in his waistband, and a concealed weapon permit in his wallet.

With his hands behind his back, Grisham repeatedly asked the officer, "Did I threaten you?"

"Once I find out there are no issues then you can be on your way," the Temple officer replied.

But that didn't happen.  Still handcuffed, Grisham threatened a lawsuit.

Ermis told the veteran he did feel threatened, and he refused to give Grisham his guns back.

"I'm not going to let you put your hands on it and shoot me," he explained.

News Channel 25 got the dashcam video from Lou Ann Anderson, who acquired it Thursday after filing an open records request with Temple PD.  In fact, Anderson said the Texas Attorney General's office order the police department to release the video 23 days earlier.

Grisham's first trial for resisting arrest ended in a hung jury. Tuesday he was convicted of the misdemeanor of interfering with a police officer and fined $2,000, but did not get any jail time.

 He says he will appeal that verdict.


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