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Man sets cars on fire to burglarize home


A "good Samaritan" has evil intentions when he wakes up a Waco home to tell them their cars are on fire.

Carlos Obiedo and his family were sleeping in their home off Waco Dr in north Waco. Then at around 4:30 a.m. he was woken up.

"Somebody knocked on the door and told me my car is on fire and just opened the door and checked my wife's car and I see the fire," Obiedo said.

Obiedo's mini van and Mercury Cougar were engulfed in their front driveway. That's when Obiedo rushed his family and what he thought was a friendly neighbor to their backyard, away from the fire. That's when police say 17 year old Franco Navarrette turned out to be not so friendly.

"I don't see him anymore, when he go to the front of the house, I don't see nothing else. He take my TV's, my computer," Obiedo said.

"What he did is he lit the cars on fire, then goes to the door, beats on the door and tells the family inside, your cars are on fire, you need to get out of the house," Waco Police spokesperson Patrick Swanton said.

"This was a first for me in 33 years I hadn't heard of someone going to this extent to be able to burglarize a home."

Officers did find Navarrette inside the home, but assumed he was a family member and let him go. Navarrette got away with two televisions and a computer, but he didn't get far.

"They eventually caught him. He resisted arrest, they ended up having to tase him to take him into custody," Swanton said.

Obiedo was able to get his stolen property back, but he was left with two fire damaged cars. One was too far damaged and the other he had to work on.

"I'm going to try to fix my car," Obiedo said.

Reporter: "Can you fix it?"

"I'm going to try, but I think I can fix it."

A day later, Obiedo was able to fix the Mercury Cougar even with multiple melted parts. However the damage to the cars and the stolen property wasn't the only danger.

"The potential hazard here is that the house very easily could've caught fire had it gone awry and the car goes too fast, he may never have been able to wake those individuals in the house prior to the house catching fire," Swanton said.

Thankfully, that did not happen and the most important things were never hurt.

"Everybody is safe, my kids they are school, my wife inside the home," Obiedo.

Navarrette is charged with burglary of habitation, resisting arrest and arson charges may also be filed.

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