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Six Months After Fertilizer Explosion, West Continues to Make Progress


Six months ago a fertilizer plant explosion rocked the town of West. 

Many of the buildings that were destroyed in just a few seconds that night are being rebuilt. Day by day, the town is putting that tragic night behind, and looking towards the future.

"I just remember that we are going forward now, and we aren't going backwards," said Beulah Zahirniak. "It was an accident and we just have to go on from there."

Beulah her husband, Pee Wee, have lived in West for over 40 years. If you drove down North Reagan Street in April, you saw nothing but destroyed homes one after another. Now, six months later, you see a town redeveloping with newly constructed homes one after another. Including the Zahirniak's.

"I watched them build this house and I watched them tear it down," Pee Wee said. "It took about 45 minutes to lay everything on the ground."

On April 17th, Pee Wee was inside his home. Fortunately, his wife and grandson came to get him shortly before the explosion. And they say a lot of other people were just as lucky.

"Normally on a night like that, there would be 10 or more people on that track field," said Pee Wee. "That night there was one person on the track."

"Had they not had church that night there would have been more children out there because the school." Beulah agreed. "Our little grandson played over there."

The Zahirniak's know everyone in town, and like each of their friends the memory of that night will never go away.

"I've been thinking about it more than before," Beulah said. "I'm not going off the deep end, but you don't ever forget it. It's still there."

Even though half a year has gone by, it's still early in the rebuilding process for West, but Beulah knows everything will fall into place.

"It'll work out. It's got to," said Beulah. "All I can say is we have a lot of angels looking out after us."

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