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Tragedy averted after semi loses tire


A 200 pound set of tires flew off a semi going high speeds, but miraculously no one was hurt when they flew off the interstate.

They did, however, come crashing down into a nearby business. The semi was going southbound on I-35 in Temple when the tires came off just after 8:00 Thursday morning. They bounced across the interstate, off the roadway and then crashed straight into the roof of the Longhorn Saloon on 49th Street.

Kevin Miller works across the street and saw the tires come flying off the interstate.

"I heard an explosion, sounded like a tire blowout or whatever and I looked up and a tire come out and hit the stop sign," Miller said. "Didn't hit the stop sign but it bounced by the stop sign here and just bounced into the building and knocked a pretty good hole in it. All happened pretty quick."

The tires lodged themselves into the roof breaking off a steal beam. Employees say they're actually surprised it didn't do more damage. Miller echoed the feeling saying it could've been much worse.

In 2005 a similar accident happened when a tire, along with the wheel, broke off a semi and slammed into a car on the interstate in Temple. The woman inside was killed instantly. That case has never been solved.

With cases like this, the department of public safety also says it's a lucky thing no one was hurt.

"Those things can weigh up to 100 pounds, moving 60-70 miles per hour. You don't want to be in front of them," DPS spokesperson D.L. Wilson said. "100,000 people run up and down the interstate everyday, so it's just like missing a bullet really."

While the danger was definitely there Thursday morning, Miller he says it wasn't scary. Also no one was hurt which made it even a little fun to watch.

"It was pretty interesting, I never seen anything like that before," Miller said.

Longhorn Saloon employees say the drivers did drop off their trailer and came driving by to see what happened. They were apparently very apologetic and felt bad for what happened. The truck company also sent an insurance adjuster to assess the damage.

Wilson says there are ways to avoid something like this and make sure tires are set properly. He says after every drive, it's important for truck drivers to circle their truck and make sure everything is okay. He says charges could be filed for a case when a tire breaks off and causes damage or hurts somebody.

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