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Central Texas Lawmakers Vote Against Bi-partisan Bill


Central Texas Senators and U.S. Representatives were unanimous voting against the bi-partisan bill that ended the partial government shutdown and extended the debt ceiling Wednesday night.

The Senate passed the bill early that evening by an 81-18 count, with both John Cornyn and Ted Cruz voting "Nay" on the bill.

About 9 p.m. the House took up the measure, and John Carter (Dist. 31), Roger Williams (Dist. 25) and Bill Flores (Dist. 17) all voted no for the measure.  It passed, however, 285-144 after needing only 217 votes for approval.

All three released statements after the vote.

Congressman Carter said he could not vote for "business as usual legislation which continues to turn a blind eye to our out of control spending in Washington."

"Simply kicking the can down the road is not what my constituents have sent me to Washington to do.  We must get back to regular order, which ensures the Congress to provide fiscally responsible budgets that the American people believe in, " Carter added.

Congressman Bill Flores said he voted against the legislation, "because it allows the debt ceiling to be increased without much-needed reforms to fix our country's critical fiscal challenges; it does not address the operational flaws and exploding costs of the newest federal entitlement, Obamacare; and it does not address other much needed economic growth policies such as tax reform, regulatory reform and energy security solutions."

The Bryan Republican did see some good in the agreement.  "On the positive side, this legislation adheres to the post-sequester discretionary spending levels set forth in the Budget Control Act of 2011; restores near-term certainty to the capital markets by avoiding a debt ceiling default; and provides for the appointment of conferees to a Budget Conference, which I hope will substantively address the federal government's precarious fiscal condition, " he said.

He agreed with Congressman Carter, saying Congress needs to quick kicking the can down the road and address America's critical fiscal challenges sooner rather than later.

Roger Williams was critical of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "As far as I'm concerned, President Obama and Harry Reid are getting exactly what they want. A debt ceiling increase with no corresponding spending cuts," Williams said.

"The families and small businesses of TX-25 don't get to borrow money recklessly, and neither should Congress," he added. 

"It is now time for the President and Senate to sit down with the House of Representatives to negotiate REAL pro-growth solutions and spending reforms. The American people deserve these solutions so we can provide the American dream for not just this generation but also for our children and grandchildren," Williams explained.

Out of control spending is the key, and the Republican from Weatherford warned Americans will find themselves in this spot year after year unless there's a stopping point, and he felt this should have been the stopping point.

The Reid/McConnell bill keeps the government working until January 15, extends the debt ceiling until February 7, and creates a bi-partisan negotiating panel to come up with a longer term agreement by December 13.

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