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Son of accused takes the stand in open carry trial


In day two of the trial of the Fort Hood sergeant accused of allegedly resisting arrest and refusing to turn over his high-powered rifle to a police officer, the sergeant's son took the witness stand to recount what he said happened.

When asked by the prosecution what happened on the day his father was arrested, Christopher Grisham Jr. responded saying that his father was carrying the rifle in order to protect against possible feral hogs in the area where they were hiking for a Boy Scout project.

He testified that when Temple police officer Steve Ermis began to restrain his father, he then began recording the encounter while he said his father yelled about being illegally arrested.

Grisham Jr. said he witnessed Ermis withdraw his weapon and point it at the back of his father's head when he refused to turn over the gun or be handcuffed.

Ermis also testified in court today regarding two reports he filed following the incident where inconsistencies were revealed regarding Grisham's behavior when the officer arrived and during the incident.

The judge ended the day by instructing the jury that they would be given the charge against Grisham tomorrow at 9 A.M. and that that's when they would begin their deliberations.

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