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Chandler's Gun Shop and Shooting Ranges Still Fighting to Reopen


After a seven month long legal battle, a gun range in Valley Mills is still closed because of a neighbor's lawsuit claiming unsafe conditions.

Now after another round of improvements, Alice Williams, owner of Chandler's Gun Shop and Shooting Ranges, still can't open her business. This is the second time George Walker, Jr., who only owns the land next to the range and doesn't live there, has disagreed with the improvements. 

"It hasn't gotten any better over the months," Williams said. "It has only gotten worse, and it seems like every time we've gone to court, we get a laundry list of things to do."

Williams received the first list of required fixes in March when Walker felt the range was unsafe. Retired Judge Michael Gassaway has been overseeing this case, and agreed with Walker and ordered the range to close until those fixes were made. The judge has left it up to Mr. Walker to decide whether or not Williams can open back up after he inspects the changes. Williams fixed what the judge ordered and when inspection time came in June, Walker disagreed on those changes sending both the two back to court. 

"On July 25th, the judge gave me three new things to do," said Williams. "I had to make the berms four feet wide on top, I had to make sure the three by two slope was on the front where you shoot your firearms into, and I had to make sure all the paperwork was filed in the county court house."

Williams says she did what was required, but in another inspection in September by Walker and his engineering team, Walker disagreed and had some concerns. His Attorney, Aubrey Williams, faxed a letter to Williams claiming Walker's three concerns.

According to the letter faxed over to Williams, Walker is concerned that the berm adjacent to his property is not 20-feet high all the way to the firing line, as specified by the judge, and is concerned that the slope of the berm is unstable. In addition, Walker is concerned that the current configuration of the canopy coupled with the current berm height fails to insure the "no blue sky" result.

In the letter it also stated that Walker would welcome the opportunity to discuss these new changes informally with Williams rather than require a hearing. Williams denied that offer and wants to have another hearing before the judge.

"We come out here and we repair and then we go back and there's something else that needs to be done," Williams said.

News Channel 25 went to Walker's business in Waco to see if he would talk with us about the situation, but he was unavailable and didn't return our call. Also, after reaching out numerous times to Walker's attorney for comment, he never responded. 

For now, Williams says she will continue to fight to get her business back open.

"We'll wait and see," said Williams. "I'm taking me response to Mr. Walker to court and we'll stand before the judge and do our arguments and let the judge make a decision."

The next hearing hasn't been officially set, but will be sometime between October 29th and November 21st.

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