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Congressman Flores Refutes Obama Social Security Threat

Central Texas Congressman Bill Flores (R-Bryan) responded Thursday to President Barack Obama's warning that a failure to raise the debt limit could delay Social Security checks.

"That is a very unfortunate choice of words for him to say that," Flores said.  "Social Security benefits are funded by mandatory spending.  They go out come heck or high water."

"The only way Social Security payments could be withheld is if two things happen.  One is the president decides to withhold them, or two, he takes the staff away that generates those payments or checks that go out the door," the District 17 Congressman explained.

While Capitol Hill was locked down for a police chase outside, Flores was presenting details on a media conference call on Republican's latest continuing resolution to try to end the partial government shutdown.

He does not see a quick end to the debate, especially with a debt limit deadline just around the corner.

"Unfortunately I don't see any signs of a thaw," he said.

At a lunch Thursday for Texas lawmakers, Flores said they were told Sen. Harry Reid is angry about continuing resolutions the GOP is introducing, and digging his heels in.  President Obama continues to say "I'm not going to negotiate!".

Flores denies Democrats charge that this is a Republican shutdown. "What we're trying to do is get the President and Harry Reid to sit down with us and have meaningful discussion how to deal with the issue," he said.

"Two weeks from today we're being told by the Treasury Department we are going to hit the Federal Debit Limit.  Based on what I see at this point, I think we will wind up merging this set of discussions into a broader discussion about how we deal with the debt ceiling," Flores added.

The second term Congressman says Republicans at this point are not trying to shut down Obamacare, and are not trying to de-fund the new healthcare program.  They just want individuals to be treated the same way as and get the same breaks as politicians.

"That break to be able to delay a corporate mandate for one year was a $14 billion gift to corporate America."  Flores said individuals should have the same right to delay their decision.

The GOP also has a provision elected lawmakers, including the president and vice president should have to be a part of Obamacare and not get any federal subsidy whatsoever.

"That's all we're asking," Flores explained.  "Exchanges can continue to run, if they want to try to sign up today they can.  We're not delaying any of that.  We're just saying if you don't want to, however, you do not have to."

Flores is one of a handful of Texas politicians who are donating their salary from each day of the shutdown until their is a solution. 


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