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Neighbors recall terrifying 8 hour standoff in Hill County


Neighbors went through a terrifying ordeal during an eight hour standoff in Hill County.

33 year old Aaron Glowski is accused of shooting wildly at deputies and barricading himself in a Hill County home for close to eight hours Tuesday. It started when neighbors called in thinking he was burglarizing the home. When officers got there, deputies say Glowski opened fire.

That was around 10:30 a.m. and neighbors were evacuated. Some were left in terror a block away as the man kept firing at deputies. They were stuck there for eight hours until Glowski had enough of the tear gas canisters thrown in, and surrendered.

Jeff Rateliffe lives just across the street from the small trailer home. He says deputies used his two story house as their base of operations throughout the day.

"They took this house over, my dogs and goose and everything," Rateliffe said.

Rateliffe says it was like they took his house hostage, but he says it was needed for the dangerous situation. However, he says it was uncomfortable seeing all those people with guns in his home. He says they used his second floor to look out the windows at the home.

"They were right here to look out the window so they could see over there. They couldn't get close to the house," Rateliffe said. "There were a hundred people out here."

Finally though, it all ended and Rateliffe was able to go back home to his animals. However, it wasn't completely over. A few hours later Rateliffe heard an explosion coming from the home.

"I got up and looked and next thing you know the whole house was in flames," Rateliffe said.

The fire completely destroyed the home off of FM 2114 in Hill County. Authorities say it started because they couldn't clear the scene when it ended because of the remaining tear gas. The sheriff's office says Glowski may have started it before he turned himself in.

"And while he was in the house he mentioned several times he was going to burn down the house and when he was taken into custody there was several lighters found on him as well and he mentioned that he had aerosol cans and a lot of stuff in the house to start a fire," Hill County Sheriff Michael Cox said.

The Sheriff's Office did post deputies to watch the home. Rateliffe does say it's concerning that the fire went out of control while deputies were there.

However a day later Rateliffe is more concerned about his neighbor's dogs. Four dogs are missing, but he's taking care of a fifth who survived. He says he plans to take care of it, even though he already has four dogs of his own and a goose.

Glowski is in the Hill County jail charged with aggravated assault of a public servant and felon possession of a firearm.

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