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Bruceville-Eddy Student Steps Up to Help Others in Wreck


It was a chaotic scene inside a Brucville-Eddy School bus after it crashed with a dump truck, and seconds later attention turned to who was hurt and how bad.

Mitchel Grant was brave and went out of his way to make sure others were alright. He was one of the 60 students on board Monday afternoon.

"It was pretty scary being my first accident," Grant said. 

He can remember the sounds of cries on the school bus. When the truck slammed into the front of the bus, Grant described students flying off their seats.

"The truck was in our lane and when it hit all you can hear was the glass shatter," said Grant. "My friend flew up in the air and everybody was crying and screaming and when I looked up, everybody had blood on their faces." 

Grant was sitting in the very back of the bus. After the truck hit, he checked to make sure everyone else was OK.

"I thought the bus driver was dead because she wasn't moving and I went up there to check and see if everyone was OK and in bad condition and the bus driver said go open the back door", Grant said. "Some kid was trying to hit it with the door so I opened it up and jumped out and started helping some kids out."

Wanting to stay and help as much as he could, it wasn't possible because of a diesel spill from the truck.

"I went back in just to check and get everyone's stuff out, but they told me I had to leave."

Teachers at school and some students who were on the bus are thanking Grant for his brave work.

The bus driver is still in the hospital and remains in fair condition. 

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