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Belton Woman Arrested In Child Custody Interference Dispute


A Belton mother has been arrested and faces felony charges after failing to return her child to the custodial father.

Bell County officials say it's the first case of its kind that they've prosecuted.

Earlier this summer, when 36-year-old Dominica Theriot and her husband were fighting for custody of the 11-year-old child, Theriot gave wrong addresses in a divorce agreement, and that's what made it so hard for police to locate both the mother and child.

According to the Bell County Sheriff's Office investigation, Theriot was granted visitation privileges in a court order earlier this summer.

Back in July, the child went for one of those visits with Theriot, and she then never returned the child to the custodial father.

"Well there's a long family history of each parent reporting violations against the other parent for several years," Bell County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. Donnie Adams said. "Apparently it went to a court hearing sometime this summer before the first of July. The judge issued an order awarding custody to the father with summer visitation to the mother, and she failed to abide by the court order and absconded with the child."

As the investigation continued, the Bell County District Attorney's office screened that information, and an arrest warrant was issued for Theriot.

Police then learned that the woman and the child had been staying with others at a residence in temple where theriot was arrested.

The child is now in the care of the father who does have sole legal custody of the child.

The case is now being handled by the district attorney's office.

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