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Local Congressmen fight to label Fort Hood attack a terrorist attack


Hasan was sentenced to death but families and local politicians are asking more of Congress.     

Local politicians are fighting to answer one of the biggest questions these victims' families have; will the tragic event be defined as a terrorist attack? 

"This has been a very long and exhausting process. We are tired.  We are hurt. But we are resolved. Justice has been served," said Keely Vanacker, daughter of victim Michael Cahill.            

The death sentence was delivered but families are left wondering if Congress will continue to call the attack "work place violence" instead of a terrorist attack. 

"They choose not to sacrifice their own personal, political gains and motivations," said Vanacker.

"I hope they learn that sacrifice is not giving in.  It is not compromise. It is what we do for our fellow Americans." 

Local politicians are answering that question with legislative action.

Congressman Roger Williams says he, along with Congressman John Carter and Senator Cornyn will move a bill forward to call the tragic event a terrorist attack, allowing these families to receive benefits. 

"Well I think I feel like most Americans feel, is that justice has been done. This crime that he committed, that he admitted he committed was a terrorist attack from the beginning and justice is being served on terrorism," said Congressman Williams.

Congressman John Carter said the tragedy that hit Fort Hood four years ago, affects the world today.

"My reaction is good riddance," said Congressman Carter. "I mean this guy harmed not only our army but the concept of the fighting solider and being faced in his home base wherever he may be and quite honestly he did a lot of damage and not only to our men but to military around the world." 

The legislation that the local politicians are pushing would give Fort Hood military and civilian victims the same status that September 11 victims received. 

It would also officially label the Nov. 5 2009 attack as a terrorist attack on the United States.


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