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Family Members of Ft. Hood Victims Ready to Move On


The family members of the Ft. Hood shooting victims are ready to move on and put Nidal Hasan behind them forever.

The Cahill's can now take a breath, continue on with their lives and like everyone else, try not to ever think about Hasan again.

"It is that one chapter in our life that's now closed, and it has been four years," said Keely Vanacker. 

Michael Cahill was the father of Keely and Kerry, and the husband of Joleen. He was a physician assistant on post and was the only civilian worker who was killed trying to stop Hasan by using a chair.

"He did that day what he did every day," Kerry said. "He protected his patients and his soldiers."

There's still one obstacle that stands in the way of the families: how our country defines terrorism. The families want this to be considered a terrorism act, but it's being classified as workplace violence.

"I want Congress to pass a bill that gives the definitions of terrorism and we need a plan of attack here because there's international terrorism, there's domestic terrorism," said Kerry. "We really need to delve into that discussion and what is terrorism and what is this in relation to that and what do we mean by that?"

Right now, the Cahill's and families want to focus on the soldiers and to remember them. Joleen Cahill is in the process of raising funds to build a memorial to remember those who lost their lives.

"The next step for me is to start working a lot harder on making sure our memorial get's built to honor and remember all of those who died at Ft. Hood," Joleen said.

But, the Cahill's will never forget Michael who gave up his life to protect others.

"He was very special and people come up to me and say, 'Well, what can we do?' and I say, 'He's an inspiration to you, you do something good and you go on with your life and make your life a good one," Joleen said.

The Ft. Hood Memorial will not be able to undergo construction until all the funds are collected. Right now, they only have half of the funds. 

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