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West residents not happy with donation distribution process


Of the millions in donations, the West, TX Foundation has not yet given a single resident any money.

The Long Term Recovery Center in West is working to figure out how to distribute the millions of dollars donated to the West, TX Foundation. A board has also been set up to help make those decisions.

However, several West residents are not happy with this process. Carol Waddell lives about a mile from town but her daughter and son-in-law lost their home in the explosion. They are now living with Waddell while their new home is being built. Waddell says they haven't received any money either.

"I never in my wildest nightmare did I dream four months later not a dime of it would go out," Waddell said.

"Everybody who donated knew that knew we were going to need money and we needed it fast to get through that first period and none of that money's been paid out and that's why the people of West are mad."

The Long Term Recovery Center says the reason's no one has gotten any money is because none of the residents are through the process to the point of being able to have their case presented for unmet needs.

"The Board of the West, TX Foundation is working on complying with both Federal and State laws that regulate non profit foundations," West, TX Foundation chair Charles Matthews said in a statement.  

"At the same time we are in discussions with the non profit organizations that received the funds for West disaster victims on how the funds should be distributed."

However, Waddell and several other residents say they don't want to jump through hoops and red tape to get the money. They say people need the money now, not just to rebuild their homes, but for daily expenses.

"When you in a blink of an eye lose everything you can't wait six months for a government agency to get with the program while you fill out the paperwork," Waddell said. "Everybody that was donating knew we needed help and we needed it fast."

Waddell also says another problem is residents aren't being treated very well at the Center. She says her daughter was brought to tears after trying to go through a case worker.

Waddell also says they were told the Foundation has more than $4 million, and the Recovery Center says they're working to distribute it fairly.

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