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Former Hasan Attorney Speaks Out On Fort Hood Shooting Trial


The former attorney for accused Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan is speaking out about why he believes Hasan chose not to present a defense during his court martial.

John Galligan has been an advisor to Hasan throughout the duration of the court martial after briefly serving as his attorney before Hasan chose to represent himself.

Galligan says that because Judge Colonel Tara Osborn prohibited Hasan from using certain pieces of evidence and arguing what he believed was a defense, he isn't surprised that Hasan rested his case in a matter of seconds.

"Her determination, I think, violated his sixth amendment right to present a defense, and I think ultimately the decision is whether or not his conduct did or did not fall under an affirmative and I think that's something that should've went to the jury not the judge," Galligan said. "So, I don't believe he was able to present a defense, and I'm not surprised that he rested the way he did."

Galligan also says that he feels one of the biggest points that has yet to come across throughout the court martial is what could've been done to stop the Fort Hood tragedy from happening.

"Technically there's two trials going on in that court room," Galligan said. "One of them is, yes United States vs. Maj. Hasan, but the Army is on trial because the Army - and this isn't just me, this is victims, senior senators, local congressmen have concluded as well,  the Fort Hood tragedy of November 5th 2009 could've been prevented."

Galligan also says that he doesn't believe Hasan will provide anything in terms of a closing argument from the defense or a statement during the sentencing phase if convicted.

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