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Prosecution Rests In Hasan Trial


The prosecution rested its case against Major. Nidal Hasan on Fort Hood.  Wednesday he could begin presenting his own defense, but it is not clear how he might do so. 

Acting as his own attorney, Hasan said he no longer plans to call one of two witnesses he first indicated might testify, but the judge, Col. Tara Osborn, ordered the government make sure religious conversion expert Dr. Lewis Rambo be present in case Hasan changed his mind.

Hasan has the option of taking the stand in his own defense, but he must testify in the form of questions and answers.  News  Channel 25 military law expert, Steve Walden,  says there are two reasons for that. 

First, to give the government a chance to object if they disagree and have the judge rule on it.  And secondly, to keep Hasan from getting on the stand and having an open-ended discussion.  Walden says, "It breaks it down so there's a question and answer so it follows a regular dialogue you would expect in a courtroom." 

During the eleven days of the trial, prosecutors put nearly ninety witnesses on the stand.  But Hasan only questioned a few of them. 

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