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West ISD Teachers Prepare to Head Back to School


Teachers are taking the week to get ready to head back for the school year, but in portable classrooms.

The temporary buildings aren't ready to move in just yet. Until then, teachers are doing their planning at West Elementary School. Its been nothing but dedication for West ISD teachers and district leaders doing all they can do to start school on-time. Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford says it will happen.

"We are scheduled to be able to open school up on the 26th," Crawford said. "On Monday, we'll have classrooms for every child to attend."

There are some challenges that lie ahead, such as teachers getting their classrooms ready. They're working extra hours so every student has a classroom for the first day of school. 

"If we got to do that by midnight Sunday night, we are going to do that," said Crawford. "That's are covenant to kids so they have a classroom to walk into."

Students and teachers will also have to get used to long hallways to portable classrooms. It's not a traditional setting, but teachers insist this won't change a thing.

"It makes no difference to me at all really," said high school teacher Yvonne Anz. "As long as I have my equipment and supplies, and I know I have everything I need to teach and do well.

The first day will be challenging, but teachers say it'll be work the first month and then will get easier.

"Once we are set up by a month or two in, I think we are going to be just fine," said Anz.

The same thought goes for second year high school teacher Emily Kenney.

"I'm looking to getting back with the kids, " said Kenney. "This year I'm going to be teaching advance biology."

West ISD had a big goal a few months ago. That was to have all their students go to school in their hometown this year. Now, it looks like that will happen. 

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