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Staff Sergeant describes shootout between Hasan and Officer Munley


Accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan shocked the courtroom when he cross-examined a witness for the first time on Monday.

Staff Sergeant Juan Alvarado was leaving the SRP building in his pickup truck when he stopped to talk to a few soldiers. 

"We heard a sound," said SSG Alvarado. He told the court the pops sounded like fireworks.

He saw soldiers leaving the front building screaming, "Somebody's shooting!"

He hopped out his car and started to run towards the back door of the SRP building when he saw Hasan shoot Sgt. Lunsford. Hasan then turned the gun on SSG Alvarado.

"I threw myself on the side of the truck," explained SSG Alvarado. He heard his tires whistle, "That's when I knew some bullets hit my truck."

He ran to the SRP building and peeked his head around the corner and saw two officers hide behind different sides of the SRP building.

He saw Officer Kimberly Munley shoot at Hasan, and Hasan was returning fire. Officer Munley stopped shooting her gun after it jammed.

Hasan took that chance to shoot Officer Munley to the ground. He saw Hasan walk towards her and yell something before Officer Mark Todd shot Hasan to the ground.

When the prosecution finished their questioning, Hasan asked the witness "Were you watching the whole time when Officer Munley and I were shooting at each other?"

After SSG Alvarado said yes, Hasan asked him to retell the story.

SSG Alvarado was noticeably thrown off by Hasan's cross-examination. His voice was quivering as he retold the story.

Hasan asked for the witness to confirm that Hasan was still shooting at Officer Munley after she disarmed herself, and SSG Alvarado did.

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