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Wounded Police Officer Testifies In Fort Hood Shooting Trial


As the Fort Hood shooting court martial entered into it's ninth day, jury panel members heard dramatic testimony from the first police officer who attempted to stop accused Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan during the attack.

Former Fort Hood police officer Kimberly Munley took the stand to testify about what she experienced during the shooting on post and the action she and a fellow police officer took to try to stop the massacre outside the Fort Hood medical center where Hasan is believed to have killed 13 people.

Once Officer Munley began her testimony, the prosecution then introduced dash cam video taken from her police car that showed the chaos that followed as the shooting unfolded.

Police and emergency sirens could be heard blaring loudly on the video until Munley arrived at the scene of the attack.

Also in the video, soldiers and police could be seen running and yelling throughout the area where the shooting was taking place while rapid amounts of gunfire could be heard in the background.

After a soldier pointed out the shooter's position, Munley said the gunman began to fire his weapon directly at her while she returned fire.

At one point, the shooter charged Munley shooting her in the hand, leg, and thigh.

After being shot, Munley said that the shooter charged toward her as she continued to shoot until her gun malfunctioned leaving her face to face with the gunman as he pointed his weapon directly at her.

"The court room was silent as officer Munley described the moment her and the shooter's weapons jammed at the same time," director of Fort Hood public affairs Tom Rheinlander said.

Munley then described how at that point, fellow Fort Hood police officer Mark Todd ultimately ended the ordeal by shooting and critically wounding the gunman ultimately bringing the shooting rampage to an end.

Now the jury also heard testimony from a former FBI special agent who described the search they conducted of Hasan's virtually empty apartment after the shooting.

She said that while there was no furniture inside the apartment, they did find a cardboard box containing materials associated with firearms including the packaging for a laser sight, gun solvent solution, and an empty box of ammunition.

More witness testimony is expected to be heard when the court martial resumes on Monday.


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