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Prosecutors ensure Fort Hood shooter is convicted


Prosecutors have used the last three and a half years making sure there will be a solid conviction in the trial of accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan. 

According to retired Army JAG attorney Col. Geoffrey Corn, the trial was never about what happened on the day of the shooting. 

The prosecution has to prove what happened the days leading up to the shooting, to show that the shooting was premeditated.

"In our system, the presumption of innocence has to be rebutted by proof," explains Col. Corn. "And the prosecution has the burden of production, as well as the burden of persuasion."

In addition to showing premeditation, Col. Corn believes Hasan's pro say status helps tie up loose ends.

Since the former psychiatrist is representing himself, he cannot plea dissatisfaction with his attorneys when the case goes through automatic appeals.

"The Supreme Court ruled that an accused cannot complain about lack of representation," said Col. Corn.

And with the substantial amount of evidence presented, Col. Corn cannot see a scenario where the appeals court sets aside the verdict. He believes Maj. Hasan will get the proper verdict with little dispute.

"People have said, it's too slow. My response has always been to substitute the word methodical," said Col. Corn.

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