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Skunks skulking on Baylor's campus


They're a reeking rodent you never want to see, and they're showing up on Baylor University's campus.

You may not think to find skunks skulking around residence halls, academic halls or walkways but recently they've been spotted all around Baylor's campus. The nocturnal creatures only come out at night, but that's been a problem for several night dog walkers.

Sarah Rude walks her dog Festy Waffles daily. Sometimes that means going out after ten o'clock, and one day Festy ran across one of the smelly rodents.

"At first I thought oh my gosh Festy's going to be bleeding and then I realized he just reeks awfully," Rude said.

Festy was curious about the animal but ended up getting sprayed in the face.

"All of a sudden I heard a yelp, and he came running back kind of scraping his face along the ground and blinking really hard," Rude said.  

They were on Baylor's campus next to an entrance to an academic building. Two other owners have said their dogs were sprayed as well. One owner is a faculty member and one dog was sprayed on two separate occasions. The Waco Animal Control says they could be out because of the season.

"They're doing construction out there and they're probably running them out of their natural habitat so that's why they're seeing more of them," Animal Control program supervisor Joel Sanchez said.

Sanchez also gives a little advice if you ever do see a skunk on the sidewalk.

"If it looks like it's just doing what skunks do, best thing to do is leave it alone because they can get you," Sanchez said.

Rude says she has a good remedy for getting rid of the smell. She uses peroxide, baking soda and Dawn Dish soap. She says her advice for walkers is to be prepared and always have a bottle of peroxide handy.

"We'll keep walking, we'll keep playing fetch, we don't get a choice but we have a jug of peroxide at home just waiting."

Baylor officials at facility services would not comment on the situation. However, the faculty member who had his dog sprayed says he reported it to facility services. They told him they would trap and release the skunk.

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