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Hasan admits to participating in Jihad by shooting soldiers


Defense standby counsel submitted a private document in regards to the mental health report documents accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan released to the New York Times.

They are concerned about the documents getting into the prosecution's hands because the documents reveal Hasan's intent.

In the documents Hasan expresses no regret for the shooting. New York Times reporter Manny Fernandez spoke to News Channel 25's Markeya Thomas about the mental health report documents released to the New York Times.

"He's very unapologetic about what he did," said Fernandez.

Hasan walked sanity board members through the day of shooting, saying he knew his noon prayer would be his last before, "either going to jail or dying." 

He wanted to get to the SRP building before 3 p.m. because that's when it would be filled with the greatest amount of soldiers.

"He sought out men and women in their combat fatigues," explains Fernandez. "And avoided civilians for the most part."

On the side of the document, Hasan writes he broke his oath that compels him to speak out against, what he calls, an illegal war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"At one point he says he feels what he did wasn't wrong because he was trying to protect his Muslim brothers," said Fernandez.

Later in the trial, Military Judge Col. Tara Osborn ordered the prosecution to ignore the recent medical releases.

The prosecution also cross-examined three expert witnesses.

The experts testified to the autopsies of six victims, proving their deaths were caused by gunshot wounds.

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