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West Residents Moving Into Long-term Recovery From Short-Term Recovery


Residents are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but as recovery process continues, so do the issues.

A meeting was held on Tuesday night at the First United Methodist Church in West. The majority of people at the meeting were zone three residents, which is the hardest hit area.

The community is now coming out of short-term recovery and starting to head into the long-term recovery. Around 40 residents were at the meeting. 

It's clear recovering from a disaster of this magnitude is a complicated process. Right now, the LTR Center is seeing the majority needs for affected residents are groceries or utilities. LTR Director Karen Bernson is encouraging families who were impacted to see a case manager at the center to help throughout the difficult process.

"This is the most critical aspect of disaster recovery, but this is what we need to rely on who is well trained," said Bernson. "They'll sit down and visit with individual residents and help them develop there long-term recovery plan."

One of the biggest concerns for the residents at the meeting, was donation money. Due to legal issues that complicate things, not all the money the center has received can be divided up by the affected families.

The LTR Center is still accepting cash donations only.

West Long-Term Recovery website: westltr.org.  

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