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Standby lawyers think Maj. Hasan wants to be put to death

Sketch by Brigitte Woosley Sketch by Brigitte Woosley

Accused Fort Hood Shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan's stand by counsel thinks he wants to be put to death. This further confuses their current role as attorneys.

They are caught in tough situation because they said it is their job to try to prevent Maj. Hasan from facing a potentially biased jury. 

"Standby counsel stated in court that they feel they should not be required to assist a client who seeks the death penalty," said Thomas Rheinlander.

However, Maj. Hasan disagrees. He told the court that his standby lawyers are incorrect, and he's not fighting to receive the death penalty.

"It was difficult to tell what he trying to achieve yesterday," explained former Army JAG attorney Richard Rosen. "He apparently didn't see it the way his defense counsel did."

Former lead attorney Ltc. Kris Poppe is now giving the court an ultimatum. He asked the court to either let standby counsel take over or give them less responsibility.

He told the court standby counsel is ready to take over to help Maj. Hasan fight the death penalty, if he lets them.

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