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No Internet or phone service causes problems in Marlin


All communications were down in Marlin while a 911 call came in for a possible shooting.

AT&T says a third party contractor damaged a cable earlier today causing phone lines, Internet and even cell service to be down in Falls County. This meant that Limestone County had to take in a 911 call around 11 Wednesday morning. The caller said someone was shot.

Police, constables, an ambulance and a fire truck responded to the home in Marlin. They did not see any sign of a shooting and so gathered together at a parking lot nearby to figure out where to go. This while relying only on radios. An officer later called it "an obstacle" but they were working through it.

Police drove around town asking residents if they saw any sign of a shooting. Communications finally came up at around 1:30, but officers still heard nothing about a shooting.

While police worked on the 911 call, one resident was anxiously awaiting to make a call of her own. Susan Trumbley lives in Marlin and has an 11 year old daughter named Bobbie Jean. On Thursday, July 25, Bobbie Jean had surgery at a children's hospital in Fort Worth. It was a biopsy.

On Wednesday, Trumbley got an email saying the results were in. But with the phones down she couldn't call in to find out.

"Whether it was cancerous or not," Trumbley said. "And for an 11 year old, that's pretty important."

Trumbley says all forms of communications were down which was a scary feeling, especially knowing Bobbie Jean was with her.

"If something happened to her, there's no way I would've been able to call an ambulance, even, nothing. And she has a lot of serious medical problems," Trumbley said.

Trumbley was eventually able to call in to the hospital late Wednesday afternoon. The results: non cancerous cells. She says while that's not good news, it's not bad news either.  

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