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Man accused of hitting girlfriend with skillet and pointing a gun at her


A man has been arrested in Coryell County for a July 8th incident, in which he is accused of assaulting his girlfriend for several hours and pointing a gun at her.

John Dayton Brown has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon-family violence and his bond has been set at $20,000.

According to police, John Dayton Brown took his girlfriend to his father's home, located in the 300 block of FM 1783 on July 8.

After visiting for a while, Brown's girlfriend asked Brown to take her home. Brown refused and told her she was going to move back in with him. The two started arguing and the argument quickly turned physical.

Brown is accused of pushing his girlfriend to the ground and then hitting her in her left side. Brown grabbed her by the hair and started pushing her into the kitchen to go to the bedroom.

Brown's girlfriend grabbed a skillet while in the kitchen and started swinging it over her head to hit him. Brown then grabbed her wrist, twisted it back and tripped her to the ground. While she was on the ground, Brown hit her with the skillet three times and told her not to try that again.

They went into the bedroom and Brown continued to assault her for several more hours. She then told Brown "you might as well kill me, I can't take no more." Brown replied, "ok" and walked out of the room. Brown returned with a 22 caliber rifle in his hands.

He pointed the gun at her and she began screaming for help. Brown put the gun down and told her to lay down. She laid there for a couple hours before she finally convinced Brown to take her home so she could get her child.

Brown's girlfriend later went to the hospital and the emergency room staff called the police.

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