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Employees receive bad checks from troubled former hospital owner


Some employees at a struggling Whitney hospital continue to experience more financial troubles after their paychecks bounced Friday morning.

"We are not asking for loans, we are not asking for advances, we are just asking to be paid for the money we have earned," hospital employee Carin Spencer said. Many employees at the Lake Whitney Medical Center and the Lake Whitney EMS share the same sentiment.

Employees received those checks last Friday from former hospital owner and currently indicted doctor, Tariq Mahmood. Those paychecks would cover the time they worked during the first week of July.

Employees who had bad checks were told that Mahmood had bounced more than $25,000 in paychecks. Many employees are furious and some are concerned that they wouldn't be able to pay upcoming bills.

"There is many people who have gone to food banks, their lights are being cutoff, or they are having people help them," Spencer said.

Lake Whitney's Director of Nurses, Phyllis January, says despite all the problems, the hospital is currently open and will remain open for residents. But employees and residents alike fear for the worse for this small town hospital.

"We need this hospital here, but how much abuse can we take to keep it here. We want to keep it here, but we aren't able to pay our bills," Spencer said.

One EMS employee emailed News Channel 25 and said this is the second time his paycheck has bounced, and that his bank will no longer accept checks from the Lake Whitney Medical Center.

Employees also say they are expecting to receive another check Friday, a check they were supposed to get this past Monday and Tuesday. Employees haven't received those checks yet, but have been told that a representative for the hospital is on their way to Cameron to pick them up.

The hospital has had a series of financial troubles since Mahmood was indicted and turned the hospital over to new management earlier this month. The second management company that replaced Mahmood had resigned and left the hospital last Friday.

The troubles continued Friday afternoon when the Lake Whitney EMS was told not to take patients to the Lake Whitney Medical Center because the emergency room in the hospital had been temporarily shutdown when one doctor left for unknown reasons.

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