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Local woman pushes for police pursuit law changes


Esther Seoanes wants Central Texas cities to change their police pursuit laws to match those in Dallas.

"Dallas does have a police policy that states they will not pursue for a nonviolent felony crime," explains Seoanes. "That means if somebody steals property, police officers will attempt to catch the criminal in a way that doesn't involved police pursuit on vehicle, endangering other lives."

Last year Seoanes lost her husband to a high speed chase in Austin. She said the suspect committed a minor offense of theft, and police chased him through rush hour on a busy highway. The suspect crashed into her husband's car, killing him almost instantly.

The loss devastated her, and encouraged her to make other people do not lose loved ones from pursuit accidents.

"So many innocent victims are killed each year, and everyday we lose someone very special who was just going about their way," said Seoanes.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety, one person every day are killed from high speed chases.

Around 50% of high speed pursuits kill people, including officers. In cities like Dallas, the stricter laws reduces police pursuits by 90%, which is the amount of pursuits that are in result of nonviolent crimes.

Most Central Texas pursuit laws say that officers must use common sense when pursuing a suspect.

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