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13 jurors have been selected for the Fort Hood shooter trial


Military Judge Col. Tara Osborn ordered the six potential panel members to appear back in court this morning.

The court ruled on the Government's challenges for cause against three of the colonels who arrived on Fort Hood yesterday for panel selection.

She granted the Government's first challenge for a colonel who said he could not sentence a man to death. However, she denied the second two challenges of death qualification because Judge Col. Osborn said they would be death qualified if the court ordered for them to be.

Despite the second colonel being death qualified, the court dismissed him because the Col. admitted to have already formed an opinion that Maj. Hasan is guilty. The colonel admitted to coming to this conclusion because had a friend who was injured in the Sgt. Hasan Akbar shooting in Afghanistan, which contributed to his opinion of the accused.

Judge Col. Osborn however initially denied the Government's challenge for a third colonel based on him being death qualified and seeking court procedures in the media.

She said the colonel did not disobey the court because he avoided the media outside of seeking court procedures. She said she is also confident that he would be able to ignore his church's teachings and consider the death penalty if needed.

The Government was not satisfied with the denial and challenged the third colonel a second time, arguing that he does not obey the rules. Lead prosecutor Col. Mike Mulligan told the court the potential member did not wear his uniform correctly, showing he does not follow military rules.

Based on that challenge, the court granted the dismissal of the third colonel, leaving thirteen members on the panel.

The panel is made up of nine colonels, three lieutenant colonels, and one major. The gender and racial make up of the panel is one white female, one black female, and eleven white males.

There will be a pre-trial hearing on Thursday at 2:30 p.m.


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