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West EMS gets less donations than FD


Some first responders are getting more donations than others in West.

West EMS director George Smith says they are not getting as much donations as the city's volunteer fire department. The EMS has lost its building after it was demolished because of damage from the April 17 explosion. The volunteer program also lost two of its three ambulances along with a lot of training equipment.

"We lost two of our three operational trucks, we lost our station, the fire department station is in good shape. It wasn't damaged, our entire facility is gone," Smith said.

Smith says they do have three ambulances they can use, but they aren't full replacements. One is on loan, another needs work and a third is smaller and worn down. This compares to at least four fire trucks donated to the fire department. EMS has not received one new permanent ambulance.

Smith says this difference in donations is because many people don't realize EMS and the fire department are separate entities.  

"We just want to make sure that people don't forget about West EMS being a separate service from the fire department. Their money and our money is totally separate," Smith said.

A local firefighter says the two volunteer organizations being separate has been that way for a long time. He also says fire departments have more of a support base from other departments around the nation.

The First National Bank of Central Texas in Hillsboro has a bank account set up specifically for donations to West EMS. A representative was asked how many donations they have received. He responded, "not a lot."

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