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Clean water for West gives sign of recovery


The city of West sees another sign of recovery now that residents have safe drinking water.

The city of West notified residents on its web site that nearly three months after the explosion, they no longer have to boil city water before drinking. Public Works director CJ Gillespie says this is something they've been working on for a while. He says on Tuesday they were able to get one of the wells working in town so residents in zone 3 could get clean water.

Mayor Tommy Muska says this is a big step in the recovery process.

"You have to squash a lot of these rumors, a lot of people are talking well we can't move back because there's not going to be water there for five years. But there's water there right now," Muska said. "It's progress and I like it, I'm happy."

West resident Steve Soukup agrees with Muska. He lives in zone 3 near the blast, and moved into an RV next to his home last week. He says the water is normally pretty clear.

"I drink it at night and I take my vitamins, I use a glass of water out of the faucet and I don't have any problems at all," Soukup said. "I don't notice any offensive taste or color, nothing."

Muska says this is a big step in moving forward because now they can work on replacing the pipes. He says while the water is clean, those pipes do leak and need to be replaced.

"It all works real good, it's fine but these people are going to be building new homes, they deserve new pipes and so that's what we're going to do," Muska said.

Muska says they should be able to finish that replacement and other infrastructure issues within a year.

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