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Central Texas Gun Shop and Shooting Range Fights to Stay Open


Chandler's Gun Shop and Shooting Ranges in Valley Mills had to temporarily shut down per the judges orders.

Alice Williams has been in a constant battle with her neighbor for the last six years. But despite a passing grade from the DPS and the EPA, a lawsuit was filed.

The neighbors next door is suing me for trespassing and they claim that they were being fired at and said our range was unsafe," said Williams.

In a court hearing in March, a jury agreed with the neighbor. The judge ordered Williams to make changes so she can reopen. 

"I had to have the berms 20ft high and had to have the shooting tables 5ft wide," Williams said.

Those are only a few of the demanded changes that needed to be made. Inspection time came, and instead of a third party inspecting the changes, the neighbor was allowed to. They gave it a thumbs down.

News Channel 25 reached out to the neighbor's attorney and got a statement:

"Bullets from her (Alice Williams) property were going on our client's property. A jury agreed with us and a judge arranged Chandler's Gun Shop and Shooting Ranges to close until changes were made. We disagree on those changes and expect a hearing to be set."

Williams has taken a financial burden because of these changes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to make it happen. 

"We have repaired the range time and time and we continue to go to court, time and time again," said Williams.

The gun range has around 500 members across Texas and they're fed up.

"It's out of hand," said 10 year member Mike Blohm. "Its taken away my place and hundreds of other peoples places to safely enjoy."

Members really hope the situation plays out fair, and so far they aren't pleased.

"I would like to see somebody inspect this place that has nothing to do with the range, nothing to do with the neighbor or whoever is suing," said Blohm. 

Both parties are expected to have another hearing with the judge in regards to the plaintiff's objections to those changes. 

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