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Hasan is back in court Tuesday


Accused Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan will be back in court Tuesday.

Military Judge Col. Tara Osborn is expected to take up several outstanding motions, and discuss the witness lists submitted by the prosecution and defense.

On Hasan's witness list is expert law professor, Dr. Francis Boyle, who has testified in several U.S. military trials.

Hasan reached out to Dr. Boyle on June 14, and asked for him to submit a declaration to testify to the court. The declaration, which was submitted three days later, goes into detail on how the war in Afghanistan is illegal.

News Channel 25 was able to obtain those documents, in which Dr. Boyle says the war violates four international doctrines.

"The U.S. war against Afghanistan constitutes a Nuremberg Crime against Peace against the State of Afghanistan, its Taliban Government, its Head of State Mullah Omar, other Taliban government officials, Taliban combatants, and the citizens of Afghanistan," he stated in the declaration.

Tomorrow Judge Col. Osborn will decide whether Dr. Boyle can be called as an expert witness.

Jury selection also starts tomorrow. Both sides will examine three potential jurors, with a total of near one hundred questions. On an average day, six potential jurors will be examined.

Only Majors or people of higher rank will be able to serve on the jury. It is unclear how many potential jurors will have to be examined before selecting the final jury. 

Jury selection is expected to take four weeks.

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