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New lawsuit targets West ammonium nitrate supplier


A new lawsuit has been filed by victims of the West fertilizer plan explosion.  Dozens of people are now suing the company that supplied the plant with ammonium nitrate.

31 victims are being represented by Houston attorney Mo Aziz.  He says CF Industries is partially responsible for damages and lives lost in West.

Aziz says the ammonium nitrate supplier failed to inspect the West Fertilizer Plant's storage facility. 

He doesn't think the flammable compound should have been kept in wooden containers at the plant.

He also says that CF Industries failed to include an additive in the ammonium nitrate that would have made the fertilizer ingredient safer to store and handle.

Aziz says, "It's not just an issue of, let's go find a deep pocket.  In order to do a complete investigation, we need to look at all avenues.  And what my experience is, with something of this magnitude, there are multiple events that lead up to it."

CF Industries released a statement in response to the lawsuit.  A spokesperson there says they sympathize with those affected by the blast, but that there is no basis for the allegations made against their company.

CF Industries will try to get the suit dismissed.  If that doesn't happen, they say they will defend themselves vigorously in court.

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