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Fort Hood Soldier Fighting Afghanistan Deployment

A soldier is fighting his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan using a military regulation that allows soldiers against war to not have to fight.

The Army is still planning to send Private Second Class Christopher Munoz, 22, to Afghanistan despite legal efforts from the soldier where he has stated his personal objections to going to war.

Munoz could not give an interview on his case given his current status in the Army.

He is looking to be discharged from the Army based on what is known as conscientious objection, where soldiers can apply to be removed from deployment based on religious beliefs or personal moral convictions opposing all war.

Munoz applied for a C.O. discharge on June 25, 2013, but the process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to complete.

Munoz is scheduled to deploy within the next week even though he has made it clear to his commanders that he is not willing to go to war.

Munoz's wife, Breanna, says that he joined the Army to provide for his family including his 3-year-old daughter, Julissa, and that after his basic training ended in April, his beliefs and attitude toward the idea of being in combat completely changed.

"After he got out of basic, once I was able to start talking to him again, he just seemed really different and had a different attitude about the army and everything versus when he went in, and, once he got here, we found out that he was going to be deployed and everything just kind of got more real, and he just felt like he couldn't do it," Breanna said.

Breanna says that all she wants now is for her husband to be allowed to be let go by the Army, and that she hopes his story can bring awareness to those soldiers who are opposed to fighting in war.

"If he does end up coming home during the deployment, it kind of brings awareness to the other soldiers who don't want to go or who also have the same war inside them to be able to come forward and actually say it, and do something about it," Breanna said.

Lieutenant Colonel Kirk Luedeke of Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division says he cannot go into the details of Munoz's case, but that it is still under review.

"The chain of command is aware of his request and is working to process the request, consider it, and take action and render a decision," Luedeke said.

Munoz is being supported by multiple war-resistant groups, and an online petition has been set up to show him support with that petition currently having 164 signatures.

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