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Congressman Roger Williams Sounds Off On Vets, Borders, Ft. Hood


U.S. Representative Roger Williams, (R) District 25, visited Ft. Hood Tuesday and then stopped by News Channel 25 to talk about some of the key issues Congress and Americans are facing.

In a wide-ranging interview, the congressman reiterated he believes "it's a time we all need to fight back, and stand up and not stand down - especially for our small business owners, for our families and for our military."

When lawmakers return from the holiday break, the House will try to put the finishing touches on its own version of an immigration bill, because Williams says the bill the Senate passed was unacceptable because it did not border security first.

"So we need to secure borders, then we need to identify folks who are here in a favorable way and let them come out of the shadows and begin to realize the American dream and pay taxes and that sort of thing," Williams said.

"I think we need to take a look at our visa program and allow people who want to work work, but do it legally, " he added.

The Weatherford congressman predicted the House will come up with a plan that will look a lot different from the Senate version and then maybe lawmakers will go to conference and see what they can come up with in a compromise.  But, he says border security must be first on the list.

Williams also addressed other topics.

VETERANS:  "Last week we had a meeting with some of the management for the VA and asked them some tough questions.  I wrote them a letter saying the Waco branch had a totally unacceptable amount of time to get claims taken care of compared to the national level."

"We have been told that's going to change and that's fine, that's what we want to hear, but words are one thing, actions are another.  We want to see action.  That's one of my main concerns that we take care of our veterans, that they can count on us."

FT. HOOD / MILITARY:  "Ft. Hood's attitude is great, but we're all a little concerned about budget cuts we're seeing that are coming on this next budget."

"I've said all along I believe we do need to cut expenses in America.  We need to balance our budget, but not on the backs of the military."

"America must be the strongest military presence in the world.  I've said all along if we don't stay strong militarily the world will implode.  We're seeing a lot of that might now.  In many cases our friends don't trust us and our enemies don't plan to fear us!  That's a horrible situation to be in."

EDWARD SNOWDEN:  Is he a real danger?  "I think it is.  He's holed up in Russia, I believe.  We're trying to get him back, and it seems to me we should already have him back.  People need to be held accountable." We need to be dominant, we need to be in control, and we need to have a smile on our face when we do it.  We need to be a strong nation socially, economically and militarily."

IRS:  I'm one of those who says the IRS needs to go away, people don't trust the Internal Revenue Service.

BEING AND ELECTED OFFICIAL:  Politics should never be a career.  I've been blessed with a great career.  Politics is a form of patriotism, if you want to look at it that way. You're not going to be there forever and ever.

COAL:  The coal industry is under attack.  The EPA over reached.  We need to be independent, not dependent.                                                                                                                             

ABORTION: I'm Pro-Life.  Live begins at conception.  Eventually it will be a state issue for the next fifty years.

GAY MARRIAGE:  A marriage is between a man & woman.

Williams is a first term congressman, and previously was Secretary of State under Rick Perry, but said he has no higher political aspirations.  He says he's happy with where he is, and blessed to be representing District 25.

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