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New Waco Animal Ordinance Still in the Works


Waco pet owners are one step closer to having to have their pets spayed or neutered and micro chipped.

This is only two out of six propsed pet ordinance changes.

It is expected to be approved by the city council at their first meeting come August. The city and the Animal Welfare Advisory Board has been looking for ways to help control the out of control pet population.

Some Waco residents were not pleased with the new ordinance.

"My dogs are not getting micro chipped. I think it's socialistic to tell us what we have to do if we are taking care of animals," said Waco resident Marcia Cooper. "You don't have a right to tell me my dogs in my fence have to be neutered and micro chipped." 

Waco and the animal board stressed on Thursday's meeting, that these rules are not meant to punish good pet owners and some can agree.

"This is for the people who don't comply. This is for the slaughter on the roads in Waco," said Stanley Obearst, Waco resident. "I have been down Maple Avenue two weeks in a row; five dogs, four cats and one rabbit. Slaughtered."

Once passed, the city plans to have spaying and neutering clinics funded by grants. This will give families a low cost option to get this done.

"We think we have a good ordinance in place and a good out reach and good partnership that will help us require some funds," said Assistant City Manager Wiley Stem.

In the next month, the animal board and the city will still try to answer that one question: How will these rules be enforced?

"With the public education, out reach to parts of the community who have stray problems, are going to have an impact," Stem said. 

A lot of pet owners have concern about microchip and if it can cause problems for pets such as cancer. You can contact MARC Pets and they can answer any concerned questions you have. 


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