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Senate wants to ban the sale of sexual magazines on post

The Senate Armed Services wants to ban the sale of sexually explicit magazines on military installations.

They say they are concerned about how adult entertainment affects family life.

"The committee is concerned about the impact this material may have on the health and wellness of military service members and their families," says a report written by the Senate.

Cindie's Adult Store Area Manager, and former military wife, Angel Thomas disagrees with the Senate. She tells News Channel 25's Markeya Thomas that military wives buy sexual material to keep their husbands from cheating.

"I think it's unfair, we should be able to buy whatever publication or movie that we want to. That's the whole purpose of being in the United States," explains Thomas. "Their husbands are deployed and they want magazines and things like that because they are away from their wives."

The ban is a direct response to the recent spike in military sexual assaults. Sexually explicit magazines and videos are banned from common work areas and the barracks on military installations.

Opponents of the ban are not sold on the idea that removing sexual magazines from the shelves of Exchange's will affect the sexual violence against women. The material is too accessible off post.

"I just think they'll find other ways to get it, they'll come to off post stores to be able to get it that way. There is also the Internet and things like that."

The military committee has 180 days to tell Congress how they will further enforce the adult material ban.

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