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Mill Creek Golf Club Searching for Funds


The Salado Golf Club at Mill Creek Incorporated now has until October 1 to raise the roughly $325,000 needed to keep the course open or the owner says he plans to close it for good.

The nonprofit group made up of town residents and business owners is asking members to loan the corporation money to help purchase the golf course and then paying those members back once the course is fully functional again.

The Mill Creek Golf Club in Salado originated as a nine-hole course in the early 70s and was then turned into a 27-hole course in 2003.

Since 2007, three separate severe floods have caused major damage to the course with only 18 holes now fully playable.

Some members like Jane Wilmer, who have been golfing on the course for decades, feel that the impact of a possible closure would be felt throughout the entire community.

"I think it would be devasting," Wilmer said.  "So many people moved here because we had so many wonderful amenities. It would be the saddest day in Salado because I think it would affect the whole town."

Studies have shown that golf course closures across the United States contribute to property value declines in surrounding areas by anywhere from 15% to 25%.

The treasurer of the nonprofit group says they have yet to meet their goal, but that they do expect to raise enough money in time to keep the course alive.

The Mill Creek Golf Club will be holding a meeting open to the public this Friday night at 6:30 at the Mill Creek Pro Shop for those interested in lending money to the organization to help benefit the golf course.

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