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Killeen Police Department Releases 2012 Crime Rate Report


  The Killeen Police Department has released its 2012 Crime Rate Report for violent and non-violent crimes in the Killeen area.

  Though the overall crime rate for 2012 decreased, violent crimes saw a slight increase when compared to 2011. 

  Killeen's violent crime remained relatively unchanged in 2012, but did slightly increase when compared to 2011 crime estimates with non-violent crimes seeing a decrease across the board.

 Violent crimes consist of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, while non-violent crimes include burglary, larceny, and vehicle thefts.

  All of the crime data was based on a 2012 population estimate for the city of Killeen which has seen a population increase of roughly 5,000 people since 2011.

Carroll Smith, Killeen Police Public Information Officer, says that one of the contributing factors affecting the increase in violent crime rate could be population growth.

"Unfortunately, with the rise in population sometimes comes a rise in crime, and, unfortunately, that's one of the things the police department has to deal with," Smith said. "We look at all different ways to combat that crime, and you can see it works in some ways and other ways we have to just change our strategy sometimes."

Killeen police chief Dennis Baldwin says that while any increase in crime is not good rapes and robberies are of particular concern due to the seriousness of those crimes and the lasting impact they have on victims.

Killeen police say that they are constantly updating their strategies to combat crime in the area and that they will continue to try to find new and improved ways to keep overall crime at a minimum.

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