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Central Texas POW Veteran to be Featured in Documentary


One of the longest prisoner of wars lives in Central Texas. 

Jack Goodwin served in the Korean war, and to remember those who were captured, a documentary is being put together.

"It was a hellhole over there," Goodwin said as he goes back to the time where he spent 38 months as a prisoner of war.

He was in the Task Force Smith, which was the first group to go to Korea and fight the first battle.

"406 of us and 20,000 of them," said Goodwin. "They had 38 tanks and we had nothing."

His group was captured and became prisoners of war.

"They started marching us, and they called it the Death March and a lot of guys had no shoes," Goodwin said. "A lot of guys were wounded and we walked for nine days and 100 miles. Between 90-100 men were shot. You fell out, you got shot."

The ones who survived that march didn't know what to expect next once they arrived in a Korean prison.

"First 18 months I never bathed, never shaved, never brushed my teeth, never changed clothes," said Goodwin."All we had to eat was millet and maze."

Goodwin was the last to finally be let go. And now a group of filmmakers from South Korea want to share his story.

"Some woman called me up from Korea, and they wanted to interview someone who was captured the first week of the war," said Goodwin.

Today, Goodwin and his wife live in Woodway. He keeps in touch with the men who are still alive, and will always remember the ones who never made it.

The documentary on Task Force Smith will be out July 27th, which will be sixty years ago the Korean War ended. The network playing the film has not been set yet. 

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