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Longer Tours Cause Moving Companies Decline In Business


With the army extending soldiers' tours of duty from 12 months to 36 months, local moving companies will soon feel the effects of less business. Killeen moving company, Scobey Moving & Storage, is just one of the many local businesses anticipating a decline in overall military moves.

"We used to be 95 percent military moves, and now certainly we go out to the community, which Killeen and Fort Hood have become a larger community with more resources here, so we look more toward local moves," Scobey general manager Pam Jeffrey said. "We look to corporate moves. We do some distribution now that we didn't used to do, and so we're trying to diversify somewhat so that we can make up for this."

The new tour extensions coupled with overall budget cuts are also preventing Scobey from hiring more workers during the peak summer moving season.

"Normally, this time of year we would have hired another 15 to 20 people for the summer alone, and we have not done that this year, and we don't anticipate doing that," Jeffrey said.

Competition amongst moving companies will become much tighter once the tour extension take affect.

"Every mover in town is facing a pretty big challenge for the next several years," Jeffrey said.

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